Inclusion & Diversity

our way works whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever your ambition.

Working our way means doing things your way.

At SBG we are all one team. We recognise that a unique blend of identities, backgrounds and experience is the secret formula to success. Having a mix of different people and perspectives helps to approach business challenges creatively, driving game changing solutions and ideas. Ultimately, this makes betting and gaming better. Therefore we want SBG to be a place where everyone can be themselves.

This is SBG Life.

Gender Pay Gap 

On 19th March 2018, we published our Gender Pay Gap report. This report is a timely reminder of the need to focus on this important issue. At SB&G we recognise the value of a diverse and gender balanced workforce. We understand that as a technology business with the gambling sector, our challenge is to increase our gender balance at all levels within our organisation. Our diversity strategy is to make SBG ‘a place where everyone and anyone can be themselves and thrive’. We have launched a number of initiatives that we hope will kick start our commitment to addressing the gender imbalance within the business.

You can read the report here

Our Inclusion and Diversity Workstreams

At SBG our work streams are helping us build an inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves & thrive. They use their passion and innovation to educate, inspire and engage as well as providing support and networking opportunities to employees across SBG and the wider community. Sponsored by Andy Burton, Chief Technology Officer, our work streams have a real opportunity to make a difference.

Check out more about our work streams and some of our people’s stories below.

Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion

SBG are proud to be a member of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion, helping us to create an environment where everyone can be themselves uncovering difference and embracing individuals for who they are.

"I’ve never worked anywhere before that has allowed so much freedom, autonomy and ownership with the type of work I get to do. It really is the best place I’ve ever worked!"

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

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