Asif's job is to keep an eye on our mobile apps and websites.


Service Operations Engineer

“As a Service Operations Engineer, it’s my job to keep an eye on the different services like mobile apps and websites that are running here at Sky Betting and Gaming. More specifically, I help to deliver rapid service from the Service Operations perspective making sure we are able to deal with queries quickly and efficiently.”

“I’ve only been here for about a month, but my biggest moments so far have been opening a ‘Reflection Room’ across all of our locations, and also having vital input into the way our department works.”

“My IT career began around 7 years ago, but what encouraged me to join SBG were the excellent reviews on Glassdoor and the Ninja fund that I’ll use to help me progress. What I like best about working here are all the extras and benefits, plus the little things like great kitchen facilities. And the fact that everyone is made to feel very welcome into the business. I knew it was the right company for me for all along!”

“Out of work, I’m passionate about food and I run a Facebook page with over 120k followers. In work, I love learning new skills, and right now I’m reading a book about Mindset.”

“I also participate in the Religion Diversity work stream alongside my Reflection Room, and I’m looking forward to introducing lots of fresh new ideas that will make SBG even more welcoming for people of all faiths.”

"It's very engaging work, just the environment and the office itself. It's a really open plan office and you never feel that you're in a corporate environment."

Mike, Talent Resourcer - People & Support Tribe

"If you want to push your career as far ahead and quickly as possible, you have both the resources and the freedom to do so."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

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