Beth's job is to test the work our developers do before we let our customers loose on it.


Test Engineer

“I’m a Test Engineer, which means I test the work that our software developers complete to make sure it works properly and that it looks like it’s supposed to before we let our customers loose on it. I test on everything from desktop to mobile devices, and also check that our business can handle the huge numbers of customers using our services during busy events.”

“I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University and originally planned to do a PhD, but panicked and realised that it wasn’t really what I wanted. So, I met with a careers guide who suggested that I should maybe work in software, and I’ve loved this job ever since.”

“My proudest moment during my short time here at SBG has been getting to grips with the system quicker than I thought I would. It also took no time at all for me to feel like I fitted in, and there’s so much freedom to be yourself which has done amazing things for my productivity levels.”

“Outside of work, I Iove cycling, reading and watching horror, and singing opera. Inside of work, I’m passionate about anything tech because I’m a bit of a nerd – and I try not to sing any opera at my desk!”

"I've never worked anywhere before that allows me such freedom, autonomy and ownership of the type of work that I get to do."

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

"Working at Sky Betting & Gaming is great, there's a real positive energy about the place, I like the fact that it's really transparent and the strategy is clear."

Maxine, Service Lifecycle Manager - Core Tribe

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