Craig looks after the day to day running of our Account Team.


Operations Manager

“I’m the Operations Manager for the Account Team within our contact centre, and I look after the day to day running of the team with responsibility for 4 Team Managers and 54 Advisors. What keeps me busy is leading the way on the Regulation workstream, which will ultimately help us mitigate risk.”

“Before joining SBG, I was a Base Manager for an airline. After spending some time as a Team Leader within the contact centre, I took a secondment as a Junior Customer Experience Manager, then moved into a Junior Ops Manager role, and ultimately into a permanent Ops Manager position.”

“My biggest achievement since starting work here has definitely been the work I completed in moving the Verification Process from the Fraud and Risk team into the contact centre in. This was a huge task at the time and has now become part of our day to day workload.”

“What I like best about SBG are the people. Everyone’s brilliant, and all ideas are listened to. It probably helps that I’m a very chatty person – I’ll introduce myself and speak to anyone, and I think people welcome that kind of thing here.”

“I think what helps me to be a better manager is my experience of travelling the world in my previous job. I’ve also lived in many places in the UK, and I’m sure that my journeys play a big role in my commitment to helping our customers’ journeys be the best they can possibly be.”

"I've never worked anywhere before that allows me such freedom, autonomy and ownership of the type of work that I get to do."

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

"If you want to push your career as far ahead and quickly as possible, you have both the resources and the freedom to do so."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

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