Cris is a Business Analyst and helps deliver a better gaming experience for customers who use our mobile apps.


Business Analyst

“I’m a Business Analyst and I work as part of an agile squad to build an understanding of what needs doing and why, so we can deliver better value to our customers – and more specifically, a better gaming experience for customers who use our mobile apps.”

“I think I ended up here pretty randomly as I studied Modern Languages and Literature in uni, and worked as a translator for a few years. I’d always been into tech so when the opportunity came up to do a secondment as a software trainer I didn’t think twice. It was an amazing experience and I was then offered another secondment as a Software Tester, which eventually lead me to a permanent role as a Business Analyst.”

“The best thing about working here is the transparency, collaboration and innovative thinking at all levels of the business, which makes work both fun and challenging at the same time. It’s a very welcoming and open place to be and there are plenty of options and opportunities for everyone.”

“Outside of work I get involved in charity work, I travel and I love to attend tech events. In work, I’m passionate about doing what I can to close the gender gap in the tech sector and I’m involved in the Gender workstream. I hope it encourages people of all genders to think about a career in tech.”

"Everyone here is very enjoyable to work with, I recently joined and I felt at home immediately."

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

"We have a really good atmosphere in the contact centre within Sky Betting & Gaming. We make it a fun environment for all the advisors and all the customer experience leaders."

Ian, Customer Experience Manager - Customer Ops Tribe

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