Damon keeps the systems that help us all do our jobs run as smoothly as possible.


Test Manager

“At Sky Betting and Gaming, it’s my job to look after some of the 3rd party systems that keep our enterprise services ticking over, such as Workday and Salesforce. I also make sure our Ent Ops team is set up to manage release incidents and change, I take care of contracts enhancement requests, and lead on products, budgets, strategic vision and the day to day running of Ent Ops.”

“It’s all about making sure our systems are stable and continually developed and improved, so that everyone in the business is able to do that they do as efficiently as possible.”

“I started out working for the Halifax Bank where I was responsible for testing their mortgage platform, and I’ve worked my way up from there. I think my biggest achievement so far has been the completion of Transition, which was a massive programme of work that needed end to end QA to make sure the business was not impacted by the change being implemented in one of the most aggressive timelines I’ve ever managed. It was a huge success.”

“I like working here at SBG because no two days are ever the same, which means it’s impossible to be bored here. The people are another big part of life here, and I think that as a team and a company, we collectively strive to improve things together. My team especially brings out the best in me, which gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction.”

“Outside of work, I spend time with my family, which is pretty much the same as what I do inside of work, and I’m great at growing beards.”

"The work environment is very innovative, we're technology driven but we're also very customer focused and we want to do the best we can for our customers."

Lyndsay, Business Analyst - International Tribe

"We have access to any kit we require really, they really try and remove the boundaries from what you're trying to do. If you need something and you can make a case for it, you can have it."

Matt, Software Engineer - International Tribe

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