Meet Dominique, she looks after our Social Media Customer Service team.


Social Media Customer Service Manager

“I’m responsible for our Social Media Customer Service team and look after two departments that each manage a Twitter handle - @SkyBetHelp and @RequestABet. We reply to all queries that come via Twitter and Facebook, and also publish content that educates and advises our customers about rules, timescales and other live issues. On top of all that, I also look after the Bet segment of our contact centre where we deal with all live queries over chat and email, and on the phone.”

“My background is in customer services, and it all started with a paper round when I was 11. I then moved up in the world (to the fish and meat market!) when I was 15, and have spent the last 10 years working in customer services at companies like William Hill and here at SkyBet which suits me because we’re really obsessed with our customers here.”

“During my time here, I’ve worked hard to bring the real time customer service team and the social media customer service team closer together, and I’m proud that we can now deal with issues quicker than ever. We’ve also started delivering a unique service called Social RAB, where we price requests for customers and update their bet slips within 30 minutes of the initial request.”

“My biggest achievement has definitely been the move from one Twitter handle to three. Our @RequestABet service is the first in the industry to offer its own space/feed to request prices and it grew by 4000 followers in the first month alone without advertising. @SkyBetHelp is now educating and encouraging customers to self-serve more. And @SkyBet is now free to share all the great content the business is creating.”

“As for what I like most about working here… it’s the people, the culture, the open space environment, a leadership team I believe in… oh, and the free teas, coffees and fruit!”

"If you want to push your career as far ahead and quickly as possible, you have both the resources and the freedom to do so."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

"We have a really good atmosphere in the contact centre within Sky Betting & Gaming. We make it a fun environment for all the advisors and all the customer experience leaders."

Ian, Customer Experience Manager - Customer Ops Tribe

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