Say hello to Zoe, our Communications Manager.


Communications Manager

“As Communications Manager, I get to showcase our business in the media and make sure our position on all kinds of issues is loud and clear, while also supporting specific campaigns like recruitment. The kind of stories I’ve covered range from our skills agenda, to Yorkshire as a destination for tech, to our impact on the regional economy, through to why Sky betting & Gaming is a great place to build a career.”

“I studied at Leeds Beckett University, then decided to work in agencies to learn the trade. After that I spent 5 years with HSBC in the financial sector, then 2 years in law firms, and my craving for a challenging and fast paced role and knowledge of how important our region’s tech companies are led me to SkyBet.”

“What I’m most proud of is the news coverage I created around our success as an employer of choice in Leeds, Sheffield, London, Rome, Milan and Solihull. That, and the constant flow of positive stories we push out. It’s not actually too difficult when the business is so young, growing so fast, and bursting with so much energy!”

“If I had to decide on the one thing I like most about working here, I’d say one of the lines from our recent diversity survey really nails it: ‘you can bring your natural self to work’. That makes complete sense because there’s a genuine feeling of freedom here and no fear of failure which is incredibly empowering. You can think big and explore the kind of ideas that you won’t find anywhere else at all!”

"I've never worked anywhere before that allows me such freedom, autonomy and ownership of the type of work that I get to do."

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

"It's very engaging work, just the environment and the office itself. It's a really open plan office and you never feel that you're in a corporate environment."

Mike, Talent Resourcer - People & Support Tribe

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