Emilton makes sure everyone has the right tools now and in the future, and it’s all about making everyone else’s job easier.


Solutions Architect

“As a Solutions Architect, I help make sure our business has the right tools to get on with the task in hand now and in the future. I cover all email, push and SMS services, and the personalisation of offsite dynamic ads, but the bottom line is that my role is all about making everyone else’s job easier.”

“I actually wanted to be a Project Manager after completing University, so I stumbled into this role. However, because I liked the technical aspect of designing a system, from inception to seeing it become reality, becoming an Architect was a natural shift for me. I wouldn’t have been able to build this experience as a Project Manager, and this role definitely suits my passion.”

“My biggest achievement so far at SBG has been replatforming our Campaign application and working to get real-time communication to customers, closely followed by our ESP and SMS platform migration projects.”

“I really like it here because the culture is inclusive and I’m empowered and trusted to get on with my work and make decisions at a high level. I’m also passionate about equal rights, and for giving everyone a voice, and I’m involved in the Religion workstream so I can play an active role in making a big difference to people’s working lives and to our business as a whole.”

"The thing I realise as a newcomer is that everything is very transparent, It's really nice to see leadership coming down from the top and I find it really rewarding."

Neil, Scrum Master - Core Tribe

"The work environment is very innovative, we're technology driven but we're also very customer focused and we want to do the best we can for our customers."

Lyndsay, Business Analyst - International Tribe

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