Joe creates awesome experiences for over 1.5 million customers each week.


Head of Sky Games

“As Head of Sky Games, I lead the team that creates awesome experiences across seven different products in three different countries. Our biggest product is Super 6, which has over 1.2m people playing every week. Between the team and myself, we define what new features, products and new areas we are going to invest in, and we get to try all kinds of different ideas and ways of working internally.”

“I’d always wanted to get into a creative role and found myself in a product role straight out of University following a degree in Sports Marketing. And the rest is history! During my time here, I’ve grown the products and the department from a team of two, to where we are now with over 20 of us on the team. And we’ve also grown our users from 150k to over 1.5 million each week.”

“The best thing about working at SBG is that we’re not afraid to fail at things. This allows us to be brave and try ideas that may develop into the ‘next big thing’ – something which I think other companies don’t do. Plus, it’s an environment that really helps everyone to feel included – we’re simply a group of different types of people who want to achieve, build great things, think of the user and have fun whilst doing it.”

“Outside of work, I’m just as passionate about spending time with my friends and family, eating good food, playing football, and being a bit of a nerd when it comes to playing video games!”

"It's very engaging work, just the environment and the office itself. It's a really open plan office and you never feel that you're in a corporate environment."

Mike, Talent Resourcer - People & Support Tribe

"We have access to any kit we require really, they really try and remove the boundaries from what you're trying to do. If you need something and you can make a case for it, you can have it."

Matt, Software Engineer - International Tribe

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