Say hey to Lucy, who heads up one of our CRM teams.


Next Gen CRM Manager

"I work in CRM and manage a 15-strong Communications and Digital Team as part of the Data Tribe. It's my job to lead on the planning and execution of marketing activity across all 5 core brands and our free to play products like Sky Bet, Vegas, Casino, Bingo, Poker, Super 6, and Fantasy Football. We're talking email, SMS, push marketing, DM, outbound calling, social and display, and it's all about making sure our customers have the right information at the right time."

"I started out as a marketing executive on Sky Vegas which really helped me learn the business from the bottom up. From there, I moved into and out of lots of different roles including Loyalty and Retention. I've also been on maternity leave and come back. And I've seen our activity grow from one newsletter campaign each week to over 100 targeted campaigns every day."

"My proudest moment at SBG? Definitely managing a large team while also being a mum of two... it's not easy, but there's enough flexibility for me to take both on and win. What I also really like about working here are the people and their passion. There's nowhere else like it!"

"I've never worked anywhere before that allows me such freedom, autonomy and ownership of the type of work that I get to do."

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

"It's very engaging work, just the environment and the office itself. It's a really open plan office and you never feel that you're in a corporate environment."

Mike, Talent Resourcer - People & Support Tribe

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