Lucy’s an Automation Engineer and helps make our developers’ lives easier by building our Platform as a Service tools.


Automation Engineer

“I’m a Senior Automation Engineer, which means I get to build, maintain and monitor new features for our internal Platform as a Service tools – and support developers from across the business when they’re using those tools. Basically, it’s my job to make our developers’ lives easier.”

“I’ve been into computers since I was old enough to use a keyboard, so it was inevitable that I’d end up in a role like this. I got my first taste of DevOps in my first job, then really began to develop my skills as part of a team here at SBG.”

“What I like most about what I do is and where I work is the relaxed atmosphere. There’s also so many talented people here, and the proper Yorkshire brews aren’t bad either. I’m passionate about new technologies and about automating just about anything that needs to be done more than once. I even spend a lot of my time outside of work coding – when I’m not writing, playing video games, or bingeing on YouTube.”

“As a trans woman (with a slight preference for neutral pronouns!), I’ve also become a co-lead for our LBGT+ work stream, because I wanted to make sure our trans and non-binary employees feel comfortable here at work. This gives me a chance to influence company policy and help improves the lives of the growing LGBT+ community here – and that makes my job especially worthwhile.”

"Everyone here is very enjoyable to work with, I recently joined and I felt at home immediately."

James, Lead Digital Designer - Bet Tribe

"It's very engaging work, just the environment and the office itself. It's a really open plan office and you never feel that you're in a corporate environment."

Mike, Talent Resourcer - People & Support Tribe

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