Luke leads the team that deals with over 5000 customers every single week.


Social Media Manager

“I lead our Social Media Customer Service & #RequestABet teams, so I’m responsible for looking after the guys who answer the hundreds of Twitter & Facebook contacts we receive every day. What’s more, the #RequestABet side of my team also prices up all the #RequestABet tweets we receive too, which is over 1000 customer selections per month!”

“I started in the contact centre, learning all aspects of the industry and business, and after two years was given the opportunity to start a project to provide customer service via our social media channels. Since then, the team has grown to 20 members and deals with more than 5000 customers each week.”

“My proudest moments have definitely been starting up the Social Media customer service team, helping grow the #RequestABet service and successfully launching two brand new Twitter accounts for the business.”

“I love working at SBG because of the fantastic people, opportunities and staff benefits. Outside of work, I’m a huge boxing fan and was once a decent level amateur boxer, having over 50 bouts, and my passion for the gaming industry plays a huge role in and out of the office.”

"The thing I realise as a newcomer is that everything is very transparent, It's really nice to see leadership coming down from the top and I find it really rewarding."

Neil, Scrum Master - Core Tribe

"We work in an open plan office and I think one advantage of that is that everyone's accessible from director level all the way down."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

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