ART Advisor

“As a , I’m one of the first people to respond to customer queries, so I get to help them out with things like verifying accounts, resetting passwords, and issuing PIN reminders. My aim is to solve each issue as quickly and effectively as possible so they have a great experience they’ll tell all their friends about.”

“Speaking of friends, that’s how I started here – I was referred by a friend who couldn’t stop waxing lyrical about how great the company was!”

“My proudest achievement to date has been building a deep understanding of what my job is all about. It has meant that I’ve been able to bring my customer response times down significantly.”

“What I like best about working here is that everyone is so friendly. It feels like there’s no hierarchy and everyone is patient and willing to share their own shortcuts to speed up overall productivity. We’re all made to feel included too, and we get updates from all departments on email and on our amazing messaging system. Slack is also my lifeline – I can stay connected to everyone in the business without even leaving my seat!”

“Outside of work, I’m a singer and dancer. I’ve sung with Kaiser Chiefs and Tidy Boys, and I work with a lot of function bands across the country. In work, I’m just as passionate about helping to create spaces where people can feel comfortable, learn new skills, and really improve themselves.”

"We work in an open plan office and I think one advantage of that is that everyone's accessible from director level all the way down."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

"We have a really good atmosphere in the contact centre within Sky Betting & Gaming. We make it a fun environment for all the advisors and all the customer experience leaders."

Ian, Customer Experience Manager - Customer Ops Tribe

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