Nikki works with our third party suppliers to keep make sure the services we use are always available.


Enterprise Services Analyst

“I’m an Enterprise Services Analyst which means it’s my job to look after things like mobile phones, staff benefits, room bookings, and our intranet site. It’s all about dealing with billing and technical issues, and working closely with third party suppliers to make sure our sites are always available and that everyone has access to them.”

“I got into this role after a friend recommended me. They also told me how great the business was, how amazing the people were, and how easy it was to come back after having a baby. I’ve now been here 2 years and have a great work life balance because my part time role is so flexible.”

“During my time here, I’ve been most proud of the work I did in automating our gym membership benefit into our benefits portal after maintaining it manually for months. It’s helped us keep pace with our growth, and works well for both our gym suppliers and employees.”

“What I like most about working at SBG is the culture. Everyone’s approachable, friendly and very helpful. The benefits and flexibility are great, we get involved with loads of charities, there are always lots of great events throughout the year, and there are tons of opportunities for training – from coding to first aid.”

“I think everyone also feels really included, too. The leadership team is transparent about company achievements and goals, and they’re always engaged with everyone. There are strong bonds in my team, and our managers really inspire everyone. We were even the most engaged team in the last Sunday Times Best 100 Companies survey!”

“When I’m not at work, I spend most of my time with my 7 year old daughter, and I love taking on creative challenges, eating out, and going on holiday.”

"We work in an open plan office and I think one advantage of that is that everyone's accessible from director level all the way down."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

"We have a really good atmosphere in the contact centre within Sky Betting & Gaming. We make it a fun environment for all the advisors and all the customer experience leaders."

Ian, Customer Experience Manager - Customer Ops Tribe

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