Ted’s found his own way to mix working life with family life.


Managing Director for SkyBet UK, Italy and Germany

“I’m the Managing Director for SkyBet UK, Italy and Germany, and I also look after data for the business.”

“The main reason why we created our diverse and inclusive culture here at SBG is that it’s ideas and creativity that drive our business, and if we’re all the same then we’re all going to have the same ideas. So, it was really important that we have lots of different people who can create lots of ideas that can help the business grow.”

“Our Leadership Team does quite a bit to encourage diversity and inclusion, and I think the most important thing we do is trust people. We don’t really care when or how the job gets done, as long as it gets done, and our people can fit their work around their lives as much as they like. It’s all about recruiting the right people, and making sure they feel comfortable about staying!”

“I work in Leeds and live in Ascot, so I need a bit of flexibility. The most important thing about my working week is being back home for 8pm on a Wednesday, because Mrs Moss has Pilates and if I’m not back for that then all hell breaks loose.”

“So I think one of the most encouraging things about working here is people trusting you to  work when it suits you. For me, as long as the numbers move in the right direction, and the things that I say will get done, get done, I have quite a bit of flexibility in terms of when I work which is great for family life.”

"The work environment is very innovative, we're technology driven but we're also very customer focused and we want to do the best we can for our customers."

Lyndsay, Business Analyst - International Tribe

"We have access to any kit we require really, they really try and remove the boundaries from what you're trying to do. If you need something and you can make a case for it, you can have it."

Matt, Software Engineer - International Tribe

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