Bournemouth man scoops £1.2m jackpot on Sky Vegas

It was double delight for Mike from Bournemouth in a ‘life-changing’ six hours on Friday morning [January 26] as he won £1.2m on the Sky Vegas slot game Wolf Run before being offered a new job on the spot at an interview.

Mike, who has been playing with Sky Vegas for a number of years before his windfall, said he still plans to take the job and will be using the money wisely on his family.

Describing the moment when he struck gold, Mike said: “I couldn’t believe it. It’s hard to describe because when it came up on the game I wasn’t sure what had happened.

“You get a moon symbol and a noise to tell you there’s been a big win and in small letters it said ‘new jackpot now available’. 

“I expected loads of fireworks if I ever won the jackpot so I wasn’t sure, but I’d seen that the prize pot had dropped back down to £500,000 so immediately I went on live chat and it was confirmed!

“I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t get back to sleep before my interview or call anyone I knew because it was 5am, so I was just sitting in total disbelief.”

Unbelievably, Mike still managed to pull himself together, and get the coach for his interview at 7am.

He said: “I put the win to one side and said to myself: ‘It’s a job that I really want, something I’ve done before’, and went for it.

“The interviewer told me they’d seen six people already and would usually ask me back for a second interview but they were so impressed they offered me the job there and then. I said yes straight away but I haven’t told them about my win yet.

“It’s been a life-changing morning. I’ve been doing temporary work for a few months and now this has happened and I’ve got a new job at the same time!

“I haven’t slept and I’ve still got my suit and tie on from the interview!”

Sky Vegas spokesperson Sarah Hackett said: “Huge congratulations to Mike on his incredible morning, we’re delighted to have made another Sky Vegas millionaire.

“And it shouldn’t be long until we have another with our Jackpot King prize pot standing at £1.7m.”

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