Tech Edge 2018

Top name speakers from international tech companies will share their approaches to developing and running complex tech platforms at scale and at speed, in a one-day conference for technologists building and running large-scale websites and applications.

TechEdge 2018 is the first and largest conference of its kind to come to the North UK tech hub of Leeds as part of the city-wide Leeds Digital Festival 2018, which takes place between the 16-27 April. With 17 planned speakers and an expected 500 plus attendees, it will drill into four key tracks on becoming a leading technology team or business - Software Engineering, Ops at Scale, Lean-Agile Delivery and People & Culture

Festival Director, Stuart Clarke, said ‘The tracks promise to provide some really exciting and stimulating content and we’re keen to share the roster of speakers when the line up is announced.’

Headline sponsors, Sky Betting & Gaming, said, ‘TechEdge 2018 is an important milestone for Leeds and by bringing together really challenging speakers who can explore working faster, at scale and with increased pace, we can offer something valuable to a diverse range of attendees.’     

The Leeds Digital Festival is the North's largest, which saw 115 events and over 10,000 attendees in 2017, with over 400 speakers from over 250 companies represented.

As an open platform event, #LeedsDigi18 elevates Leeds’ strength in digital, including fintech, healthtech, data, coding, skills and careers, sportstech.

A number of sell-out events that started at the 2016 Festival, such as FinTech North and She Does Digital, have developed into standalone events in their own right, both of which are back for #LeedsDigi18.

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