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At Sky Betting & Gaming, we believe it’s important to develop ourselves and strive to make a better business.

We’re growing and changing fast. To keep up with this, we need to develop people to be their best and play at the top of their game. We're committed to creating a great culture where you can grow your skills and learn through a range of different options. 

Tech Ninja Fund

As with almost every tech company nowadays, we are concerned about our employees and their continuous learning and development. That’s why in 2015 we created the Tech Ninja Fund. Tech Ninja Fund is a fund that people in technology can use to help develop their skills.

It consists of £1,000 you can spend in many different ways such as courses where you can learn new technologies, as well as getting new hardware/software to develop new skills, attending conferences, buying books, etc.

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Mentoring & Coaching

Our Mentoring programme gives you the opportunity to be matched with an experienced colleague to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance from someone that works in a different area of the business from you, or to offer your expertise to someone else. It also gives our mentors the opportunity to develop a more personal style of leadership and broaden your networks. 

Our Coaching programme works slightly differently. It's the process of asking questions to raise awareness and understanding of how to solve particular problems. It's non-directional and enables the coachee to identify their own solutions to their issues and be future focused.

Track 360

This 360 Feedback tool allows you to ask for feedback from your colleagues easily, quickly and confidentially. There is a set series of questions that both you and your colleagues will answer about you.

You will receive a short but bespoke and comparative report that summarises how you see yourself and the feedback from your colleagues too. This is based on the SBG Way in terms of what you do and how you do it.

L&D Time!

Some of our tech teams and tribes use Friday afternoons to focus on learning and development. They have time available to learn new skills or brush up on existing ones to deepen their learning and skillsets. 

Professional Development

Sky Betting and Gaming offers the opportunity for colleagues to work on their continued professional development. This could be in many areas of the business whether it be legal, financial, marketing etc.

We provide time and training  for people to complete learning and development essential to their role.

"We encourage people to understand their own strengths using our strengths finder tool. Then you can grow and make the most of the strengths that you bring."

Catherine, Head of L&D - People & Support Tribe

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"The Tech Ninja Fund is really beneficial for the company. You have £1000 to spend on your learning, and you can spend it on whatever you want""

Iker, Software Engineer - Data Tribe

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