Central Tech Tribe

our way keeps our business strong and secure.

We’re the Tribe who provides essential structure, security and strength to the whole of the business. From our central basecamp, we solve problems, fix software, and obsess about delivering innovative tech solutions for the platform that runs our core systems.

Whether it's heading up incidents, investigations and changes, we make tech decisions to keep everything working smoothly, 24/7. And we make sure we keep all our colleagues up and running all day too. All 1000 of them. Join our tribe and you'll do the same.

Tech Academy

As a business with substantial growth ambitions we have taken a proactive approach to growing our own technical talent. We do this through our unique Technology Academy which aims to recruit & upskill / cross skill technologists with the latest tech skills in order to become a SB&G DevOps Engineer or Software Engineer.

The Academy kick-starts with a 6-week boot camp style training course, with all content taught being specifically designed by our own market leading Engineers. Subsequent to the initial 6 week the Academy cohort will join their allocated squad (team) where they will receive continuous on-going support in their learning journey.

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Enterprise Services

The most ‘engaged’ tribe within SBG, according to the recent Sunday Times best 100 companies survey. Enterprise Services ensures the company has the right tools in place to give our employees a head start with innovation, collaboration, engagement and customer service. Our tribe works on initiatives that touch all areas of the business, ranging from HR, all the way to our contact centre, we’re at the heart of what makes the business tick.

We build out the latest technologies, deliver quality at a fast pace and always look to improve. With a growing team and some exciting initiatives to come, this is a very exciting tribe to be in right now!

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT manage and look after most internal end user hardware and software systems. Everything from laptops and peripherals to back-end systems such as Office 365, file storage and authentication systems.

We work on the front line to ensure smooth day to day running of these systems and our ultimate goal is to provide our staff with the right tools to be able to carry out their jobs.

We are always looking at new and cutting-edge hardware and software to ensure we are always ahead of the game and inline, if not in front, of our peers and aim to build ever evolving systems and solutions in a fast paced and ever changing industry.


We’re at the heart of building and running the systems that all our betting and gaming customers rely on, as well as keeping our 1000+ staff in business. Everything from data centres and cloud hosting, networks, storage, servers and infrastructure-as-code/automation, as well as office networks and services are all handled by our talented in-house team.

It’s no mean feat to ensure that we have plenty of capacity in advance of needing it, systems that are blindingly fast and with bulletproof reliability - but these are just the basics of what we deliver on a daily basis across thousands of components. We’re very customer focused and have extensive relationships throughout the business where we operate as one team to deliver great tech.


Keeping our complex internet facing business secure and compliant 24x7 is what we live and breathe. We run an in-house Security Operations centre where clever automation and watchful eyes guard and defend against security attacks, and we have dedicated teams to find and address security issues across all of our systems. We use the latest techniques here and from our external partners to get the best of both worlds in to deliver the highest levels of protection.

We also work with a number of governing bodies, and demonstrating our robust security position regularly is critical to our success. We operate as a can-do team and enable great results from all areas of the business rather than being a hold-up to our progression

Service Ops

Service Operations is a critical team to our business with a 24/7 presence onsite to support our products and services whenever they need us. We monitor the Sky Betting and Gaming technical estate and manage all of the company’s service affecting incidents, from major outages to single customer faults. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer experiences, and this is only possible due to the Service Desk preventing, detecting and managing issues. The team has improved their performance whilst taking on many new services, including Italy and Germany, and against a backdrop of major growth in all business metrics and systems complexity.  As Service Operations is a team central to our business this opens up many opportunities around the organisation for career development within technology.

"We have a really good atmosphere in the contact centre within Sky Betting & Gaming. We make it a fun environment for all the advisors and all the customer experience leaders."

Ian, Customer Experience Manager - Customer Ops Tribe

"If you want to push your career as far ahead and quickly as possible, you have both the resources and the freedom to do so."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

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