Data Tribe

our way thinks outside of the box.

We’re the Tribe that thinks outside the box as we put our minds to collecting, storing and analysing mountains of real-time data – all to help us design, build and support our next generation data platform.

Keeping our business lean and agile, we provide the insight, data science and CRM expertise our product teams need to make the right data-driven decisions.

The better we know our customers – the better we can anticipate and meet their changing needs.

Principal Data Engineer

Providing technical leadership you’ll maintain a Hadoop ecosystem that has customer transactional data from all of our products and some behavioural data in twin Cloudera Hadoop clusters. Using your software engineering knowhow, you’ll write predictive models, manage data ETL processes and provide large-scale data streaming & processing capabilities.

Scala/Java Data Engineer

We’ve got lots of customer transactional and behavioural data in our twin Cloudera Hadoop clusters. Part of an agile delivery team, you’ll use your Java development skills and Apache Spark (driven by Scala/Java) to create next gen data processing pipelines, productionised predictive models and real-time data streaming and processing. You’ll bring new ideas to life.

Always On Analyst

You’ll help us to better understand our customers and why they join us, leave us and stay with us. Managing ‘always on’ tracking programmes for all of our products at different points of the customer lifecycle, you’ll create dashboards to monitor trends. You’ll then present your insight reports, bring them to life and make sure your customer insight and feedback is acted on.

CRM Decisioning Analyst

Within our dynamic and fast paced team, you’ll work across Sportsbook and Gaming products to create personalised multi-channel campaigns that engage, hit home and drive customer retention and loyalty. Thinking on your feet to prioritise communications you’ll ensure the right customers receive the right message and challenges are approached logically to serve customers the best experience possible.

"We work in an open plan office and I think one advantage of that is that everyone's accessible from director level all the way down."

MB, Senior CRM Analyst - Data Tribe

"The thing I realise as a newcomer is that everything is very transparent, It's really nice to see leadership coming down from the top and I find it really rewarding."

Neil, Scrum Master - Core Tribe

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