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We're the kind of business that nurtures talent, listens to its people, and trusts them to get on with the job.

It's called doing things our way, and it begins with helping everyone who joins us take their first steps in the kind of fast-paced, game-changing working environment that they might never have experienced before.

So, if you're moving to one of our locations from anywhere in the world, we're here to make those first steps as easy as possible. Here's how our relocation package works…

Domestic relocation - what we can help with

As a rough guide, we can offer help with domestic relocation expenses that cover:

  • Your home - you could claim for the legal fees and estate agency fees relating to selling your current home and buying a new one, stamp duty, survey fees, or any legal expenses relating to starting or ending a rental agreement. You can't claim for the cost of a deposit on a mortgage or rental property, though.
  • Moving - you could claim for the costs of moving your personal belongings from your current home to a new one, or temporary storage costs if the move isn't direct.
  • Travel and subsistence - this list isn't exhaustive, but you could claim for initial visits to view your new home, short-term travel from your old home to the office or from your new home to your previous work, and up to 6 months' of temporary accommodation if necessary.

Tax savings

If your moving costs meet the following criteria, it's also possible that they can be exempt from tax and National Insurance, saving you some additional cash:

  • You have a new main residence after joining SBG or moving to another SBG office
  • Your costs are paid before the end of the tax year after the year in which your move happened
  • Your new home must be reasonably close to your new workplace (and your old home mustn't be)

Note that if you claim for any non-qualifying costs which have not been agreed, you may have to pay tax on these.

International relocation

We can also provide specific support if you're moving to another country, too. To find out more about how we can help with international relocation, please get in touch.

Tech opportunities

We're helping people with different career needs, different ambitions and different plans for the future to relocate to Leeds and start a great career in tech with Sky Betting and Gaming.

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Salary advances

We may also be able to help out with any relocation costs we can't directly cover, by offering a salary advance so you're not out of pocket as a result of your move.

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Neil, Scrum Master - Core Tribe

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